bi-sorter M200 half

Specifications Bi-Sorter M200


  • Description: Automatic 2 sort recycling system
  • Maximum Intake: 60 (Capable to 99)
  • Separations: Garbage, recyclables
  • Modes: Sort, no sort, service
  • Controls: Floor communication via can bus protocol and 24VDC power supply

Floor Components

  • Network interface electronic board
  • 2 button membrane keypad with 5 LED indicators
  • Solenoid that unlocks intake door
  • Microswitch to monitor door open/close


  • Control Panel: Systemation Thomas MCP
  • Enclosure: NEMA 3R, 12’W x 16″H x 7″D
  • Input Power: 120- 240VAC, 15A, 50/60Hz
  • Connections: 1″EMT conduit MCP to 1st floor; Daisy chain to upper floors
  • Wiring: 1 Twisted pair cable (Belden #8205); Serial communication; 2 x AWG #14 wire (THHN, Stranded)
  • Actuators: 110VAC or 240VAC, Duff Norton


  • Main Body: 1/4″ A36 steel plate
  • Diverter Plate: Reinforced 3/8″ A36 steel plate
  • Floor or Compactor Mounted
  • Dimensions to suit trashroom layout


  • Remote monitoring of all systems through desk station or mobile device
  • Integration with chute wash down system
  • Automatic intake door lockout with system or compactor malfunction
bi-sorter M200 half2